Friday, February 7

Glitter and Glamour-Dress for the wedding

Fashion is all about comfort, and it's important to be comfortable even on weddings and reception. As opposed to the age old tight bun adorned with bling trinkets and flowers, Kunickaa has taken a more comfortable open hairdo.She looks simple and subtle, with just a hint of sensuality to add a classy touch. Subtle makeup with zesty lips in bright tone red on those plump lips is her choice this season. The rich Satya Paul saree with half length sleeves and intricate embellishments, big, bright borders, brilliant colours is Kunickaa's choice for a recent wedding she attended. The shiny blouse with the wide cut perfectly suits her broad shoulders. A big Indian wedding can never be complete without jewellery. Here it's chunky and big, long pearl necklaces, elaborate ear pendants, and bright bindi. Jewellery made by mixing different precious metals and stones and moulding them into splendid Indian designs is the selection of the diva.

Wednesday, January 29

The most classy, stylish,sexy and forward thinking woman in Congress

Film and TV artiste, Kunika Sadanand,is presently the vicepresident of Maharashtra Mahila Congres. It should be noted that Kunickaa has achieved this high position without any 'Godfather' in politics. Her rapid rise can be attributed to her powerful personality and her caring attitude. Following these developments, the Congress high command sent Kunika Sadanand to Ujjain to look into a dispute and submit a report in this regard. Many people associate plain simple attire with politicians. No one even imagines politicians being classy or stylish. Kunickaa is an exception. The 5'11 tall woman from bollywood is undoubtedly a diva. She makes sure her personality is modern and connects with the youth.

Wednesday, October 2

The Bold and The Stunning

The queen bee is close to being fifty. Does she look old and tired? No Way!!! Strict diet control,lots of water, dancing, swimming,cardiovascular exercises, martial arts, yoga and weight training has helped her keep her fit and get back in shape. Combined with personal fitness tips from The Flying Sikh himself, she is all glowing and healthy. As is evident from her latest campaign picture, even with minimalist make-up and jewellery she looks ravishing.

Thursday, August 29

A New Leaner Meaner Kunickaa

As was pointed out by many of her fans, Kunika had gained considerable weight due to medical issues. But the spunky lady has bounced back..and how !! After intense training sessions, specialist dietary guidance and hours of yoga she looks very fit and undoubtedly very sexy. It is a well known fact that Kunika runs marathons every year. During a recent event organized by Kunika, at which Milkha Singh was the chief guest, she upped the bar by seeking specialist guidance from the Flying Sikh himself. Seen hear in sexy black tracksuit with Milkha

Monday, August 5

Purity and Persona in White

'The tall sexy woman with the aura of a goddess among the mere mortals '

Saturday, April 13

Simplicity, Divinity purity...

Friday, February 22

A close up image of the stunning queenly face.. Letting her hair down...after hours..

Friday, February 8

Some latest images of the sexy glamorous style Goddess

Sunday, September 23

Sunday, July 31